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Applerecent patent applications are possible Apple Glassreveals details about. According to one of the patents, Apple Glass is automatically able to clean himself. Another patent of the company is sound detection over.

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Self-cleaning Apple Glass

Particle Control for Head Mount The Apple patent describes how a device can remove dust or other debris.

In the patent statement: “The quality of the image provided by the optical module may depend on the clarity of the optical path between the source of the image and the user’s eye. For example, particles (for example, dust, debris, foreign body and / or other materials) along the optical path can obstruct or distort the image provided to the user. and / or otherwise adversely affect it. ” include statements. In the continuation of the statement, Apple Glass vibration There are expressions that can get rid of such particles.

Audio-Based Feedback for Head Mount In another patent entitled, details that Apple Glass can detect distant sounds that users cannot hear on their own, as well as providing visual indicators that guide the user to the source of the sound.

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