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According to the report of the Wall Street Journal Applefor users with non-typical speech patterns Siri explores ways to improve the voice assistant. The company is extracting audio samples from Apple Podcasts to help Siri understand more types of speech.

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Apple, kekeleyen podcasts with people? Can be used to train Siri? 28,000 sound clips created. According to an Apple spokesperson, this data the company collects will improve speech recognition systems for atypical speech patterns.

In addition to improving the way Siri understands people with atypical speech patterns, Apple is also introducing a Hold feature for Siri that allows users to control how long they want Siri to listen. This means Siri before users have finished talking. keep him from interrupting.

Apple plans to summarize efforts to improve Siri in a research article that will be published this week that will provide more details on the company’s efforts.

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