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Morgan Stanley video card shortage, analyst Harlan Sur 2022He said it would last until. This is at least another year GPU prices it will stay high means is coming.

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Analyst, in the sector Supply of demand for GPUs By 10 to 30% claims to have exceeded. Graphics card manufacturers close this gap it will take three or six months. That is, the required number of GPUs will be released. in six months will begin. Analyst, market only at the beginning of 2022 to its normal state announced that he would return.

NVIDIA solution for miners

Graphics cards are no longer extremely expensive The fact that it is sold at prices is quite annoying A situation. Sellers, miners and affect the supply in the sector coronavirus The epidemic is cited as the reasons for this.

NVIDIA recently dedicated graphics card for miners CMP HXintroduced. THIS GPUs connecting to the screen They are sold without any choice.

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