Cypress Cove core Core i7-11700K After being listed in the German e-retail seller the other day, it started to meet with its first users.

Core i7-11700K first tested

Core i7-11700K with 8 cores and 16 threads While it can reach 4.6 GHz with all its cores, it can reach 5.0 GHz with a single core.

Similar to Intel’s Comet Lake 4 MB L2 ve 16 MB L3 the processor with its cache 125 watt TDP’ye for PL2 status although it has 225-250 watts to budget 2.44 ms’liğine can access.

In systems where tests are carried out 240 mm AIO Thanks to the choice of processors 60 degrees could be restrained in the waters.

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Users of the chip’s stock and 4.9 GHz’e Let us underline that in case of overclocking, the scores can increase. With the microcode update that the blue team plans to deliver in the middle of next month Rocket Lake processors are expected to increase gaming and multi-core performance.

Performance of the models DDR5’e looks ambitious before the transition. If this is the step that will take this table to an even better point for users price will be.

Allegedly, in order to avoid Intel’s options under $ 500 of AMD Core i9 class $ 400 and Core i7 class for $ 300 It is expected to position it around.

Due to the fact that the Core i9 and Core i7 classes will come with the same number of cores / threads, the two families are currently frequency difference only looks like going.

Finally your chips 16 Mart’ta After detailing 30 Mart’ta Let us remind you that it will take its place on the shelves.

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