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According to online sources, Microsoft will announce “new version of Windows” in the next months. Windows 10XThe Sun Valley, which is expected to be released this fall, Windows 10 a great for without updating It is thought to have been mentioned.

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In October last year, Sun Valley The upcoming large-scale update of Windows 10’s user interface, which is called, was announced. The launch date has not yet been set, but the announcement is April can happen as soon as possible and then the update beta texts can start. Additionally, Microsoft is also looking to announce the modular Windows 10X operating system, with the first devices expected to be released this spring. is planning.

It will be more than just a mere update

Source, Microsoft Engagement and May host or do a separate Windows event between months Build 2021 The developer states that they can include it in the conference program. One of these events officially “A new version of Windows“expected to reveal.

Sun Valley As for the update itself, new features and improvements to make the operating system more stable more will bring. However, users can use the Start menu, Notification Center, Taskbar, etc. including Windows 10 many elements of the user interface large scale they will get an update. Approaching with changes It is worth noting that the relevant information has been obtained from a large number of unofficial sources. Due to Microsoft’The update that will eventually offer is somewhat different may appear.

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