Relativity Space, which received the support of many different companies and institutions in a period of fierce competition in the field of satellite or freight transportation, 100% reusable rocket Terran R announced. Terran 1, which is the first rocket of the company founded five years ago, will hit space this year.

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With the consultancy company Y Combinator, which supports initiatives such as dropbox and airbnb, and organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the White House and NASA, Relativity Space’s Terran R rocket is your little brother. Up to 20 times heavier loads will carry it into space.

The rocket will be produced using 3D printers in a completely reusable manner, so that has proven its worth in the field of reusability It will be a serious competitor to Space X. As is known, only the first stage of the Space X production Falcon 9 rockets can be reused. The second level, which contains the load of rockets, is not reusable.

Although company founder Tim Ellis sees Relativity Space as a competitor to Space X, he does not fail to express that Elon Musk’s successes inspire him. Speaking about Terran R, Ellis said, “The same architecture, the same fuel, the same factory, the same 3D printers, the same electrical systems and the same team.” According to the entrepreneur who introduced himself as a big fan of “reusability” Although the cost of rocket production has decreased with the help of 3D printing methods, the future will avoid using them again. passing.

It is not known how it finds a place among giants such as Relativity Space, Space X or Blue Origin, whose market value reaches $ 2.3 billion, but if the company can reduce its rocket launch costs as planned, it can become the shining star of the space race.


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