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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivois preparing to introduce a new smartphone series. 3 Martwill be introduced with the launch in I live S9The back design is revealed with a poster shared from the company’s official Weibo account. The company also announced that the phone will have a 44MP front camera.

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On the shared poster Vivo S9 triple rear camera It looks like it will have the setup but the details of the camera setup are unknown. For the front camera, the company says that only the dual camera setup will be included and the primary lens will be included. 44MP stated that it will have resolution.

Between the Chinese menin in the lower right corner of the poster, Vivo S9 5G series, Vivo S9 and I live S9e It confirms that it will have two different models. While Vivo S9 has a dual front camera, S9e 32-megapixel It will have a front camera.

Previous reports, Vivo S9 5G Dimensity 1100 released with chipset the world’s first claimed he would have a phone. On the other hand, Vivo S9e, Dimensity 820 It can be equipped with the chipset. Both phones are expected to feature a screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz.

I live S9, 4.000 mAh It can hold a battery. S9e is a little bigger 4.100mAh It can be powered by a battery. Also the devices 33W fast charging expected to support.

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