EPYC processors in the server market AMD’nin While continuing to make his face smile, the commands that Intel offers in deep learning applications are a significant plus.

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Zen 3-based Ryzen 4000 family is coming to the end of this year

AMD adds new commands in EPYC Genoa

Zen 4 future with its architecture EPYC Genoa This table with chips is subject to change. According to recent allegations EPYC 7xx4 series solutions will be supported with AVX3-512 and BFLOAT16 commands.

A total of 96 cores in 12 chiplets EPYC Genoa options to accommodate 1 I / O membrane 12 channel DDR5 as well as the memory controller PCIe 5.0 will come with the support.

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The new SP4 socket, which has grown to 72×75.4 mm compared to the previous socket, will be visited in the future. more room for changes will be found.


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