NASA sent to the Sun in 2018 Parker Solar Probe (Parker Solar Probe) quickly continues its adventure in space. The Solar Probe also successfully completed its fourth melee around Venus last week. To celebrate this important moment, NASA shared a stunning Venus photo captured in the probe’s previous close pass (July 11, 2020).

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NASA uses Parker Solar Probe to study the Sun In August 2018 launched into space. The giant probe approached 24 million kilometers from the Sun just two months after launch, surpassing Helios 2’s record of 42 million kilometers in 1976. The Solar Probe now moves a little closer to the Sun’s surface with each close pass. Finally, in a close pass that took place last January, it was close to 13.5 million kilometers.

NASA plans a total of 26 close passes to the Sun for the Parker Solar Probe by 2025. In addition, a total of seven close passes will be made to Venus during this period. Venus transits are of great importance here, as the Parker Solar Probe changes its orbit by taking advantage of Venus’ gravity, thus increasing its proximity to the Sun after each Venus transit.

After the seventh and final Venus transit, Parker Solar Probe will enter an orbit where it will approach the Sun 6.9 million kilometers. During these closest passes planned for the end of 2024 and 2025, the spacecraft’s speed will reach an incredible 690,000 kilometers per hour.

According to the statements of NASA, Parker Solar Probe was located 12380 kilometers from the surface of Venus at the time of the above photo. However, on February 20, when the fourth close pass took place, it is stated that the probe approached the surface about 2400 kilometers. The photos taken at the fourth close pass are also expected to be shared soon.


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