Breaking Bad’s beloved spin-off series Better Call SaulThe final season of the game has been postponed. According to the official announcement made by AMC, the highly anticipated sixth season scheduled air date is from 2021. To the first quarter of 2022 receipt.

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Peter Gould, the series creator and lead writer, cited the COVID-19 outbreak as the reason for the delay. Due to the epidemic, delays were experienced on both the scenario side and the shooting side. Filming for the series was expected to begin last year, but was delayed until March 2021. When shooting was postponed to March, naturally, the release date was 2022.

Consisting of 13 parts Season 6 will be on the screen after a two-year break. Better Call Saul has never had such a long hiatus before. The sixth season being the final season, consisting of more episodes, and finally the COVID-19 outbreak were the reasons for this long two-year break.

There are quite a few points to be solved in Better Call Saul’s final season. The fate of the beloved character of the series, Kim Wexler, and Saul’s life after Breaking Bad are currently the two biggest question marks. Expectations are high for the final season of 13 episodes. We hope Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan present us another great finale, as in Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul’s first four seasons can be watched on Netflix currently Turkey. The fifth season, unfortunately, has not been added, although a year has passed.

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