The jailbreak community, which once had a great place in the iOS ecosystem, gradually lost its importance and fell off the agenda. However, a few important groups are still developing jailbreaking tools. Unc0ver is one of them

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Unc0ver for iOS 14

Unc0ver The new JB vehicle was eagerly awaited after the team’s post last week. This week, the tool that can break the iPhone 12 series was released for the first time. Before only iPhone X Until the model, the jailbreak tool was used for iOS 14, but iPhone XS and later was deprived of this.

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Unc0ver 6.0 While the tool offers a complete jailbreak facility, it also offers Cydia-based package management. All iPhone devices between iOS 14 and iOS 14.3 are under jailbreak. This includes iPhone 6s.

Unc0ver, which uses the cicuta_verosa vulnerability in iOS 14, is experiencing some crash problems for now, but these will be resolved with the update in the future. On the other hand, it is worth paying attention to those who have not yet updated, since devices using the iOS 14.4 version are prevented from returning to the previous version.

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