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According to new leaked information, the South Korean giant Samsungnew for mobile Exynos working on the processor. The product in development is currently S5E5515 listed under the code.

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Samsung develops 5nm Exynos chipset exclusive to Google

Unfortunately features of the chipi haven’t announced yet. But the solution middle class It is known to be geared towards smartphones. Most likely, the processor fifth generation (5G) supporting mobile communications modem will contain.

Available Exynos The chip family is as follows listing:

  • S5E3830 – Exynos 850;
  • S5E5515 -?
  • S5E9630 – Exynos 980 (Galaxy A51 5G, A71 5G);
  • S5E9815 – Exynos 1080 (Vivo X60);
  • S5E9820 – Exynos 9820 (Galaxy S10);
  • S5E9830 – Exynos 990 (Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20);
  • S5E9840 – Exynos 2100 (Galaxy S21).

Samsung can make Exynos event

Of the upcoming processor Exynos 850 with Exynos 980 is expected to take an intermediate position between. Your product It is stated that the development will take more than a month, to the new processor this is the first smartphones at the end of the year likely to be launched.

on the other hand June Samsung’s strong AMD with graphic features Exynos It is expected to make a presentation dedicated to mobile processors. One of the first devices on this platform Windows 10 a running laptop may be. If the announcement of the laptop 2021 It will happen before the end.

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