Having reached great popularity in recent years with the released movies and series Sherlock Holmes A scene from the brand’s new series was shared.

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Director of Netflix movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, adapted from the Ubisoft game The Division

On stage shared by IGN John WatsonWe see that he is talking to a character named Bea. Said scene from below you can watch.

The Irregulars the creativity of the series named Tom Bidwell undertakes. In the cast of the series Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Sherlock Holmes)There are names like Royce Pierreson (John Watson), Thaddea Graham (Bea), Darci Shaw (Jessie), Jojo Macari (Billy) and Harrison Osterfield (Leopold). The Irregulars 26 Mart’ta is expected to be published. The first season of the series 8 parts will occur.

Subject: Troubled young street thugs are at the center of the series set in Victorian London. With treacherous plans Doctor Watson and mysterious business partner unclear Sherlock Holmes, He persuades these young people to help them solve some crimes. When crimes begin to take on terrible and supernatural dimensions and a dark force emerges, they can only be Not London The only force that can save the whole world is this team.

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