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The Braun brand, which started commercial life in 1921, has left behind exactly 100 years. With its durable and high quality products, Braun, which is the guest of millions of households, is also coming out with special products in its centenary.

100 big years

Max Braun Braun, founded in Frankfurt in 1921, was the first to manufacture belt connectors. Seeing the preference of men to use an electric machine instead of water and foam to shave their faces in the 1930s, Braun became interested in the still very new electric razor technology.

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However, the First World War caused him to postpone his plans until 1950. Post-war Braun began restructuring and in 1950 introduced the first dry foil shaver, the S50. These two products laid the foundations for Braun’s current product categories.

In 1988, Braun acquired the French company Silk-épil, launching its first epilator, Silk-epil EE1, which is today one of the company’s core and growth-promoting segments. In a short time, Braun has become a leading global brand among women’s beauty and personal care products.

Braun products have been designed for years with a “less, but better” approach, focusing on the most basic and essential aspects of the product, allowing you to continue to use it with the same performance for years once purchased.

Always keeping its commitment to producing products that defy the years, Braun offers a special selection of products with a 5-year warranty for its 100th anniversary. In a limited selection of special products Silk Expert Pro 5, Silk Epil 9, Silk Epil 9 Flex and MGK5045, BT7, MGK7, Series 3, Series 7, Series 9 Shavers has.

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