First in low Earth orbit “space hotel“one and Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) developed by Voyager Station of his project 2027 until it will turn into reality and its construction. 2025 It was learned that it will start in the year. The hotel, called the Voyager Class space station, will house restaurants, cinemas and spa centers, and its capacity is 400 people it will be.

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OAC project to create artificial gravity inside capsules rotating ring It involves the construction of an orbital station. Outside the station building, hosting tourists A large number of capsules will be sewn for Some of the capsules US National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) and European Space AgencyIt can be sold to I (ESA).

Costs not disclosed yet

Orbital station cost of building and details about the cost of living in one of their rooms have yet to be disclosed. OAC, SpaceX Falcon 9 With the advent of reusable launch vehicles such as space hotel, the cost of building a space hotel significantly announced that he fell.

Some modulesfor needs such as crew rooms, air, water and electricity Gateway Foundation It is also known that he will be transferred to his responsibility. In addition, in the first space hotel gym, restaurant, kitchen, bar etc. There will also be modules to accommodate. Some modules will be rented or completely to private companies or government agencies available for sale. Station construction in total, each 20 meters in length and 12 meters wide From 24 residential modules will occur.

OAC if the project is completed, so far in space by human built largest object it will be. The cost of building the station has not been disclosed. But for a long time throwing material average cost per kg approx. Was $ 8,000. However, it can be reused Falcon 9 the emergence of the launch vehicle, 1 kg the cost of launching the load into space $ 2,000 has lowered up. In the future, the materials moving into orbit to become cheaper and the implementation of the project facilitate Waiting.

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