Social media giant Facebookorganizes a special photography contest for our country. With the competition, it is aimed to reveal the beauty of Anatolia in 4 seasons. Hot photos, Facebook will be used as the cover image in Turkey’s Facebook page.

Initiated in cooperation with FOTON (Association of Photography Organizations) To the 4 Seasons of Anatolia Photography Contest applications started to be received. Everyone without distinction between amateur and professional free can apply as. The winners of the competition It will be announced on April 15.

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While applying for the contest, you need to choose which season your photo reflects. The same person can apply to different categories with different photos at the same time. In the photo jury of the contest, War Photographer Coşkun Aral, Curator Merih Akoğul, Prof. Dr. There are well-known names in the field of photography such as Ozan Bilgiseren, Photo Editor Murat Gür and Photographer Tanin Helvacı.

There is no financial prize for the winning photographs of the competition. Winning photographs of page cover photo it will be.

For application requirements and participation:

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