Having to part ways with Google after the US embargo, Huawei quickly developed the AppGallery platform and implemented its own mobile services. The AppGallery store continues to grow.

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How many users does Huawei AppGallery have?

According to the statement made by the company Huawei AppGallery store reached 530 million monthly active users. In 2020, total application downloads increased by 83 percent to 384 billion. Game downloads increased by around 500 percent.

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While there were 25 countries that exceeded one million users in 2019, it has now reached 42 countries in 5 continents. On the developer side, the figure has been reached 2.3 million. There is an increase of around 77 percent compared to 2019.

New user entry is required for the growth of the Huawei ecosystem, but it is predicted that the company, which has a production problem, will live big this year. In this respect, the application ecosystem will also suffer. Partnerships with different brands throughout the year can at least keep the application eco-system alive.


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