A new trailer of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, one of the latest game adaptations of Netflix, which has made animations, series and movie adaptations of many games, has been shared.

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First trailer of Netflix’s Dota anime Dota: Dragon’s Blood released

When we look at the trailer, we can see many familiar characters and scenes from the game. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime to be broadcast with the name, Netflix It will be custom made. Animation part before Legend of Korra The studio that developed it is undertaking MIR. 8 parts DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, 25 Mart’ta will be published.

In the voice cast There are names like Troy Baker, JB Blanc, Stephany Jacobsen, Josh Keaton, Yuri Lowenthal, Anson MountLara Pulver and Freya Tingley.

Subject: This gripping fantasy series tells the story of the famous dragon knight named Davion, who is determined to cleanse the world from all evil. Davion is strong, an ancient eldwurm and the path of his encounter with the noble on a secret mission. Princess Mirana After intersecting with, he finds himself in the middle of events that he cannot even imagine.

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