February data also appeared related to Turkey’s automotive market with our logged in March. According to the data, the total market of automobiles and light commercial vehicles continued to grow in February.

According to the data of the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), automobile and light commercial vehicle sales increased by 24.2 percent in February 2021 compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 58,504. In February 2021 auto sales compared to the same month of the previous year 44,749 units, up 18.6 percent while happening light commercial vehicles If the market is increased by 46.4 percent to 13,755 units happened.

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The passenger car and light commercial vehicle market increased 27.9 percent compared to the average 10-year February sales. The automobile market showed an increase of 31.2 percent compared to the average 10-year February sales. The light commercial vehicle market, on the other hand, increased by 18.2 percent compared to the 10-year February average sales.

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Gasoline-powered automobile sales had a share of 59.2 percent with 47,386 units in February, diesel car sales of 21,946 units were 27.4 percent, hybrid car sales had a share of 8.7 percent with 6,979 units, and LPG-powered cars had a 4.6 percent share with 3,658 units. Last month 138 electric cars sold. This makes up only 0.2 percent of total sales. Because at the beginning of last month, up to 400 percent SCT hike came to electric cars.

Turkey’s total market for cars and light commercial vehicles From January to February 2021 When we look at it, we see that it reached 102,232 units with an increase of 37.4 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Automobile sales increased by 34.1 percent in this period compared to the previous year and reached 80,107 units, while the light commercial vehicle market increased by 51 percent and reached 22,125 units.

When we look at the brands that sell the most cars in February of 2021, we see that Fiat is the leader with 7,147 units. Renault follows it with 5,982 units, followed by Volkswagen with 4,286 units. Here are the top 10 best-selling brands:

2021 February

Brand Piece
Fiat 7.147
Renault 5.982
Volkswagen 4.286
Toyota 3.814
Peugeot 2.742
Skoda 2.708
Honda 1.760
Opel 1.708
Citroen 1.702
Nissan 1.682

2021 January – February

Brand Piece
Fiat 10.542
Renault 9.606
Volkswagen 8.368
Toyota 7.876
Peugeot 5.419
Skoda 4.638
Opel 3.380
Honda 3.313
Nissan 3.117
Dacia 3.007

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