Lovecraft-themed, published by Nacon and developed by Frogwares The Sinking City, It was published in 2019. However, the game left Steam several times and came back. Recently, on February 26, the game went to Steam. added again but those who want to buy with a small note encountered.

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Developer FrogwaresThe current version of the game on Steam, says without permission from the developer illegally attached. That’s why the developer team does not recommend purchasing the game. Also, according to research by Frogwares Nacon Publishing company named publisher company, after the tension between the developer team and the copy of the game Buying from a competitor company He hacked it and added it to the Steam library.

Frogwares this obviously pirated product and what they say is that in the already installed version there are many error and missing was located. Frogwares in short, Nacon accuses of piracy. You can check the game’s Steam page here.

Frogwares made a detailed explanation on the subject on its site. Between publisher company and developer studio since 2019 continues. The game was removed from some platforms during this period. Frogwares, Nacon’s for this last incident with legal consequences Stating that he will meet Nacon, Frogwares insistent and that the offer came from Frogwares during the development phase of the game and they 10 million euro payment he said he did.

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