One of the most popular TV series of the 2010s The Walking Dead for the final approached. Currently airing its 10th season 11th season The release date has been given for.

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Production has started for the final season of The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead’In the past hours, a post was made on the official Twitter account of. The 11th season, i.e. the final season, with a short video. broadcast period announced. The last season of the series will start this summer, Unfortunately, a clear date was not shared. The shooting of the series had also started last month. Of the series final season It will take 24 episodes.

Currently the 10th season is extra 6 episodes airing the mini season. This mini season will better connect the 10th and 11th seasons. You can find the post below.

Of course, the ending of The Walking Dead does not mean that we are saying goodbye to this universe. For now two different The Walking Dead series announced and one film production stage. It looks like more productions will come in the future.

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