AssisTT, a subsidiary of Türk Telekom, returned from the 2020 Top Ranking Performers Awards, which is among the most prestigious organizations of the call center sector in the international arena and held for the 15th time this year by Contact Center World, with two world championships. “Best Contact Center (outsourced)” (Best Call Center) and also with Turksat KabloTV project “Best in Customer Service (outsorced)” (Best Customer Service) category in two separate bringing the world championship in Turkey Assist, reiterated the success of previous years happened. AssisTT won the first prize in the Best Contact Center (Outsourced) category for the 3rd time.

“We will continue to shape the future of the call center sector with our investments”

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Speaking for the two first prizes they received at The 2020 Top Ranking Performers Awards, AssisTT General Manager Haktan Saran said, “Within the scope of an international award program where 2000 applications from 70 countries competed, we became the world champion in the ‘Best Call Center’ and ‘Best Customer Service’ categories. As a company that serves with the responsibility of being a strategic business partner of our customers and the goal of unique customer experience, we are delighted that our achievements are also registered on international platforms. Our vision of providing agile solutions to changing and transforming customer habits and keeping our customers at the center of our every business played an important role in our being deemed worthy of an award. We will continue to shape the future of the call center industry with the investments we make in technology, innovation and the competencies of our teams. I sincerely thank all my teammates who have signed this great success. ” said.

AssisTT was deemed worthy of 2 first prizes in the “Best Call Center” and “Best Customer Service” categories at The 2020 Top Ranking Performers Awards EMEA Regional Finals held by Contact Center World in November last year. Contact Center World determines the best among call center companies all over the world in the organization where hundreds of companies from dozens of countries come together every year.

AssisTT Hakkkında

Founded in November 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Türk Telekom, AssisTT; offers multi-channel customer experience solutions in the areas of sales-marketing, face-to-face service, social media management and revenue management. In 24 provinces across Turkey with close to 15 thousand employees serving Assist, as well as 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, creating added value to their clients through customized technological solutions for the sector aims to live a unique experience.

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