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WhatsApp spontaneously last year disappearing messages After launching the feature, he is now working on a similar feature. But a big handicap.

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On WhatsApp reliable one of the sources WABetaInfoAccording to, users with an upcoming feature, predefined for both parties after a period of time will disappear and self-destructive pictures they will be able to share. As you can see in the screenshot, the feature, image preview It can be used with a button added to the screen.

Screenshots can be taken

Users You will then be able to share the picture by pressing this button, and as soon as you leave the chat, the picture will be will disappear automatically. Also, those who take a self-destructing image are also aware that it has disappeared. they will be warned. WABetaInfo, self-destructing images of WhatsApp users to export It also reveals that it does not allow.

However, WhatsApp’s screenshot taking It was stated that he did not take any precaution. Therefore, in practice, this feature it won’t do much possible to say. Because the company has such a feature for self-destructing messages. did not take action. Therefore, this situation, both features totally useless making. Disappearing images feature when It is not yet clear if it will be available.

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