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Chinese Drone manufacturer blacklisted by the US in recent months DJI New models continue to come as the hard days begin. DJI FPV model pays attention to the first person perspective.

DJI FPV features and price

The development of drone technology has brought many possibilities. Thanks to special helmets, you can experience everything that falls within the frame of the drone camera as if it were flying. This method, called FPV, also formed the basis of Drone races.

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DJI before FPV Goggles models compatible with his glasses had been released to the market. DJI FPV The model focuses on the cinematic vision experience and offers a basic experience to those who want to participate in drone races.

DJI FPV The integrated camera on it is capable of recording 4K 60fps video. In slow motion, it is Full HD 120fps. Using the GoPro RockSteady balancing mechanism, the product has a 150-degree angle. In 40ms low latency mode, 810p resolution recordings can be obtained as 142 degrees angle – 120fps speed or 150 degrees angle – 50fps speed. H.265 or H.264 format takes up less space on the memory card.

DJI FPV It can find its way by itself with its integrated GPS and visual positioning system. Obstacle sensors automatically reduce its speed when it encounters an object. In normal mode, a controlled flight is offered, while in manual mode, the pilot can cancel some sensors and take control himself. Sport mode combines both controlled and free flight. The DJI Virtual Flight application also offers users a basic training.

While the model reaches a speed of 140Km per hour, it can accelerate from 0-100Km in just two seconds. The model, which can stay in the air for 20 minutes with a single charge, can transfer data at 50Mbps up to 10 kilometers. In addition, 8 people can view their glasses at the same time.

The DJI FPV Drone model offers a price tag of $ 1299 in the standard package including goggles. The package with two extra batteries and charging dock is $ 199. The one-hand motion controller will be sold at $ 199.

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