Although the semiconductor manufacturer is on the agenda with its processor and graphics cards on the storage wing also offers remarkable options.

Intel 670p

Announced new 670p NVMe SSD family 144-layer QLC NAND Flash chips and details not disclosed by Silicon Motion An 8-channel SM2265G consists of the controller.

DRAM size for all capacities Kept constant at 256 MB NAND chips in the new SSDs consist of 2 other decks on the market 144 layered Flashes on the contrary, it consists of 3 decks. Increasing the number of bundles consisting of a certain number of layers for the same layer number is a factor that increases the cost.

Therefore, it is possible to say that Intel’s remaining production technique negatively affected its competitiveness. Here SK Hynix’e Time will tell whether the memory section that will pass will undergo a change in the future.

On the other hand SM2265G Although the controller promises improvement in contrast to the 4-channel structure of the previous generation 660p and 665p chips PCIe 3.0 x4 gradually replacing PCIe 4.0 due to its limited interface PCIe 5.0’a he is not pleased today when he is preparing to quit On the positive side, it was a nice step to abandon the limited I / O performance and the outdated SM2263.

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In Intel’s 2TB capacity option, respectively 3500/2700 MB/s’lik In 670p random operations where it offers sequential reading performance, it is Random transaction of 310K / 340K can perform.

As a result of the developments in the controller and NAND Flash wing, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB options, respectively 185 TBW, 370 TBW and 740 TBW’ye The endurance values ​​reached are at a level that users can now use QLC-based drives without worrying about their lifespan.

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Finally, the new 670p family needs an update on price considering its performance. $ 89.99 for 512GB, $ 154.99 at the 1TB level and 329.99 at 2 TB capacity Let’s end our words by adding that the dollar label has been determined.

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