Patent violations have been a headache for technology giants for many years, and many companies have not been able to get rid of heavy damages so far. Chip giant Intel also faces a penalty of over $ 2 billion in damages.

Giant compensation

In fact, the story goes a little interesting because the clock frequency control and the minimum memory voltage technique patents that are the subject of the lawsuit were obtained by SigmaTel in 2010. In 2012 FreeScale Patents were taken over when he bought this company.

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In 2015 NXP It acquired the semiconductor giant FreeScale and acquired the patents. Afterwards in 2019 VLSI Technology transferred to a new firm named. The aim of the company is to fight with Intel legally. So we can actually call it a patent trawl.

In the ongoing lawsuit in the state of Texas this week, Intel had violated two patents and received a $ 2.18 million damages penalty. According to the patent, the two indemnities of $ 1.5 billion and $ 675 billion were combined.

Awarding such a large amount of compensation for only two patents is likely due to Intel’s involvement in many of its products and generating a sizable revenue. The compensation is equivalent to a third of Intel’s quarterly net profit.

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