In buses and trucks, as well as the defense industry in Turkey, offering transportation solutions OtokarIntroduced the new version of Cobra II. Cobra II MRAP The new vehicle, named, offers higher protection against mines. Thus, the most important disadvantage can be used in risky areas.

Cobra II MRAP features

In the world Served in 15 countries Cobra II MRAP, new member of the Cobra family, compared to ordinary Cobra II high ballistic protection and mine protection stands out with its features. Despite the development of the protection feature and the strengthening of the body, there was not much loss of movement and comfort features. As in the previous model, it still promises high mobility compared to its class.

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(Cobra II and COBRA II MRAP side by side)

The Cobra II MRAP provides its high protection feature thanks to the mine shield in the base of the vehicle. Since there is no change in the upper part of the vehicle, the modular structure is preserved. Cobra IIs can be used with personnel carrier, weapon platform, CBRN reconnaissance, ground surveillance radar, internal security, ambulance and command control vehicle configurations. Cobra II MRAP models can also be used for the same tasks.

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Cobra II MRAP in 3-door configuration, 9 crew members in 5-door configuration 11 personnel can be moved. Different weapons and mission equipment can be integrated. The vehicle, powered by the engine with a turbocharged knee, is offered with three different power options. Customers 360 hp, 375 hp and 400 hp options He chooses whatever he wishes. Optionally, it can be purchased with options such as self-rescue crane, mine kit, cold climate kit, fog mortar, commander viewing panel, RPG protection kit, 360 degree awareness system.

Cobra II MRAP Specifications

Weight and Dimensions

  • Maximum Vehicle Weight: 18.000 kg
  • Length (Excluding Crane): 6350 mm, Width (Excluding Spare Wheel): 2750 mm
  • Height (Above Body): 2650 mm, Underbelly Height: 450 mm


  • Turbo Charged Diesel Engine
  • Horsepower options: 360 hp, 375 hp, 400 hp
  • Gear: Automatic, Transfer Case: 2 speed, longitudinally locked
  • Axles: Differential lock and gear hub
  • Suspension: Fully Independent, telescopic type hydraulic damper, helical spring
  • Brakes: Double-circuit, air-assisted hydraulic disc brake on each wheel with ABS feature. Pneumatic and independent parking brake.
  • Steering system: Left-hand drive hydraulically-assisted adjustable steering wheel. Right hand steering option.
  • Tires: Run-flat 14.00 R20 featured tires
  • Electrical system: 24 volt system. Compliant with NATO standards.

Standard Equipment:

  • Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
  • Radial Tires With Flat-Out Feature
  • ABS
  • Ramp Door with emergency exit door
  • Air Conditioning System
  • 5 Point Seat Belt
  • Adjustable Seats for Driver and Commander
  • Floating Base
  • Tavan Klapeleri
  • Shooting Grates and Sight Glasses
  • Towing Rings
  • Vehicle Electronic System (ARMATRONICS ©)
  • Driver’s Vision System
  • Driver Display Panel
  • NATO Type Blackout System
  • Diagnostic Capability
  • NATO External Current Transfer Socket
  • Fog lights
  • Protection cage in windows and lamps
  • Radio Interface

Optional Equipment:

  • Self Rescue Crane
  • Spare tyre
  • May Kitty
  • RPG Protection Kit
  • KBRN Filtration System
  • Automatic Fire Suppression and Explosion Suppression System (AFES)
  • Cold Climate Kit
  • Radio / Speech System
  • Fog Weather
  • Auxiliary Power Group
  • Data Record System (Video and Vehicle Data)
  • 360 ° Awareness System
  • Commander Display Panel

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