ARM based Apple Silicon Opening the door to a new revolution by announcing that it will switch to the chip, Apple promised a smooth transition for the next two years. However, in some regions, the transition may be problematic.

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That Apple started distributing to developers macOS 11.3 Some interesting lines have been detected in the third beta codes. In these lines Rosetta 2 will be removed with update and Rosetta Is No Longer Available In Your Area There are warnings in the form.

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Rosetta 2 platform’s feature was to enable x86-based applications to run on Apple Silicon. Thus, users would not have any trouble until Mac applications completely switched to ARM architecture. The absence of Rosetta will cause x86 applications to not work.

Half of the popular Mac apps yet Apple M1 It is stated that it is not compatible with. In this case, the uninstallation of the Rosetta 2 software will negatively affect the users in the relevant regions. It is unknown why Apple wanted to cause such a mess, but some sources say it may have been due to copyright.

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