Virtual reality and augmented reality concepts have not been widely used yet, but the platforms’ dreams of creating a virtual world still continue. Microsoft Mesh will try to achieve this.

What is Microsoft Mesh?

Unveiled at the Ignite conference Microsoft Mesh The initiative aims to bring people together in the virtual world in real time. With the support of HoloLens, if necessary, a friend will be a guest in your room or you go to his office.

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Holoportation In this concept, which is defined as, you can gather around a virtual vehicle template in a garage and discuss a project with your virtual friends. Or you can perform surgical intervention with your virtual colleagues in an operating room. Based on Azure cloud infrastructure, this virtual world allows you to include physical objects. The holoportation method was frequently used in the Ignite event.

The concept, which looks like it came out of science fiction movies, has been on the agenda for a long time, but significant investments are required. Microsoft has at least provided the software infrastructure. After that, developers need to come up with suitable solutions based on the Mesh application.

Microsoft Mesh application HoloLens ve AltspaceVR released for platforms. The first example is Pokemon Go, which allows you to come together with virtual Pokemon characters in the real world.

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