TikTokhas become a phenomenon in the last few years and once Vinebrought back the short video format made by. Now, other companies are offering TikTok competing platforms one after another, and the latest example of this is Youtubecame from.

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Will be available first in the USA, then around the world

The biggest watching video YouTube platform, TikTok’un on leave decided to go and in portrait mode ground in a minute allowing up to videos Shorts started the service. This feature is shimlik beta test stage, but in the United States Youtube has already been made available amongst its users. Of the company For 12 months It is stated that it continues the tests and therefore stable version It is highly likely that it will come out soon.

YouTube Shorts early in beta From 3.5 billion had too many video views. For this reason, it can be said that the videos on the platform will now reach more users. In terms of comparison TikTok’s monthly 1 billion active users Let’s also state that you have. Youtube new feature when to users all over the world will offer however, it is not clear yet.

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