Emphasizing the importance of the A segment for the European market in the statement made today, Toyota announced that it is preparing a new model for this segment.

According to the statement made, the new model to be positioned at the entry level as the most affordable model of Toyota in Europe, Yaris and Yaris Cross after models GA-B platform It will be the third model built on it. Together with these three Japanese-branded models, the annual production capacity of the models built on the GA-B platform To raise it to 500 thousand aims.

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Toyota’s new A-segment model will use a small internal combustion engine to keep the price within reach as mentioned. On the other hand, previous reports suggested that the famous ‘self-charging hybrid’ system of the Japanese brand could also be among the options. The 100 percent electric option is not a hot topic for Toyota in this segment.

Toyota produced in partnership with the PSA Group in this class Aygo with its model. Aygo’s successor has been spotted under heavy camouflage testing in recent months. Since the Japanese brand did not use the name Aygo when talking about the new A segment model, it can be thought that the vehicle will come with a different name. The new model is expected to have a world premiere at the end of this year or in the first months of 2022.

The starting price of the current Toyota Aygo model in Germany is currently 11,190 euros. The current generation, which was made up in 2018, is now coming to the end of the road. His brother Yaris starts at 15.790 euros.

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