One of the domestic video streaming platforms, BluTV’s new comedy series AcansThe release date was announced with a trailer that was released recently.

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A local comedy series directed by Ali Yorgancıoğlu and Can Yücel and written by Ayberk Çınar. Acans, 11 Mart’ta BluTV’de will start. Of the series in the cast There are names such as Bülent Emrah Parlak, Algı Eke, Derya Alabora, Birkan Akyol, Can Sertaç Adalıer and Melisa Berberoğlu. Also to the series Ali İhsan Varol and Mansur Ark will be guests.

The introductory article for the series is as follows: The writer who did not go to the set of the advertisement he wrote, the head of the agency who heard the sound of the rain that did not rain, the client who set out with the intention of becoming a writer and became a customer representative.

Said trailer from below iYou can watch.

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