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TwitterTweets containing misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines to label will start. Accounts that violate the rule many times will be blocked for a certain period of time. will lock or permanently will suspend.

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Tweets will be labeled ‘misleading’

In the spring of 2019, Twitter published its measures to prevent the spread of misinformation on its platform regarding COVID-19. The company also announced last December that it will remove harmful, misleading information about vaccines, and since then More than 8,400 tweets raised and around the world To 11.5 million accounts it imposed various restrictions.

Twitter is the COVID-19 vaccines If it detects that it contains false information or fake news about it, it will display a hashtag in that tweet. Users comment on the social network, “This tweet is misleading. Find out why health officials find COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people. ” will not be able to share tweets tagged with text.

Accounts can be permanently suspended

Twitter notes that it has implemented these tags through a combination of human and automated review systems and was first introduced in English content.

In the blog post: “Tags will be applied first by our team members when they identify content that violates our policy. These assessments will be used to further inform our automated tools and improve our proactive capacity to identify and tag similar content across the service. eventually to address infringing content both automatic and human review is to use. “expressions were given.

The company will gradually penalize accounts that share false information.

  • In the first strike, no action will be taken at the ‘account level’.
  • With two warnings, the account will be locked for 12 hours.
  • When there are three warnings, the account will be locked again for 12 hours.
  • After four notices, the account will be locked for seven days.
  • In the event of five or more warnings, the account will be permanently suspended.


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