Netflixin its own mobile app Fast Laughs It launched a feature called. Just like in this episode TikTok in style, as you slide up, the new one comes short videos will take place.

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Videos are added by Netflix

Fast Laughs its content Short funny videos from the platform’s movies, series and animation shows 15 to 45 seconds It consists of sections. The content of this section is Netflix editors We can say that it is determined by. Because currently Fast Laughs users cannot they can’t upload. This decision also means that users will not be able to enjoy new Netflix content discover It is thought to be applied for.

Fast Laughs’ta like button not available but in the interface, “LOLnamed a ” laugh We see that the button is located. Also users can view the videos here. can share and their lists they can save. The new feature is currently only available in some countries. iPhone It can be used by its owners. Company Fast Laughs Android He also promised the future of devices.

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