Recently, there has been a crypto mining nightmare in the graphics card and laptop market. While graphics cards and laptops with a high scraping rate are almost plundered, players are also left empty-handed.

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Crypto money mining is not preferred over ARM architecture, especially due to the disadvantages in the graphics side, but it is a fact that mobile devices are gradually gaining powerful graphics features. This does not go unnoticed by miners.

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A software engineer Apple M1 on chipset Ethminer managed to run the mining software. So the Mac audience can be considered bad news. The good news is 2MH/s It is scraping at very low rates and spending all the graphic resources. This will not attract the attention of miners.

So what Apple M1 There will be versions of the chipset with much better performance, and Apple has announced that they will surprise the graphics sector. In such a situation, end users may still be upset.

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