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A research team at the University of California San Diego, without human help after crumbling self-healing developed tiny robots. The team will help these robots to gain the ability to heal themselves. magnetic based on shooting.

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Robots that can ‘heal’ themselves

2 cm long These floating robots can automatically regain their function by assembling their parts if they are disassembled as a result of an attack. Robots; consisting of a conductive substrate, a rigid and hydrophobic middle layer and an upper strip of aligned, strongly magnetic microparticles they consist of three layers.

The main movement of the robot is the tail section. The tail is the part where it floats to create the oxygen bubbles needed for movement. hydrogen peroxide reacting with fluid platinum holds.

When the robot is cut into pieces, the tail continues its motion and tries to enter the magnetic field of the other parts of the whole. When the tail enters the magnetic field of the other part pieces come together.

Research team of these robots, environmental or industrial hazards He says it can be used to help clean.


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