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in November Android introduced to users with the device, allowing players to capture video clips from various mobile games that support screen recording and share them on the platform or other sites AmazonGameOn app is now iOS It is also accessible to its users.

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GameOn for iOS released

One of the market’s largest platforms for game streaming Twitchowned by Amazon, GameOn The application allows gamers to record short-form video clips from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

With over 1,200 mobile games With the compatible GameOn app, users can personalize clips with comments and other editing tools, and share them in the built-in GameOn community or on social media. can share. The app also has an app that allows users to find game videos based on their interests and skill level clip discovery also have the feature.

The app is currently available for iOS users in some countries, but public access will be available in the future.

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