Published and developed by Mistwalker Corp Fantasian of the JRPG genrerecently Apple Arcade will exit for.

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When we look at the details of the game, undoubtedly the most striking point is one of the names at the beginning of the development process of the game. Final Fantasycreator of Hironobu Sakaguchi. In addition, this new game called Fantasian their music also known from Final Fantasy Nobuo Uematsu besteleyecek.

Game, more than 150 handcrafted diorama It has a visual created using. Therefore, as you can see in the trailer below, the game a unique visual has style. Special effects used in the game Godzilla, Attack on Titan ve Ultraman It is prepared by people who are experienced in special effects working on such productions.

Of the game release date it is not clear for now but come out in a few months Waiting. When Fantasian aired Apple Arcadewill be exclusive to you. You can find the page and video of the game below. Apple Arcade free for the first month later 34,99 TL.





4.5 GB

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