Today, we started to see a tight artificial intelligence race on smart TVs. Televisions that recognize the owner and make more focused suggestions or control the Internet of Things devices are in demand. Chip designers also want not to miss this interest.

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What will MediaTek MT9638 offer?

MediaTek MT9638 chipset 4 pcs Cortex-A55 It consists of the core and the Mali-G52 graphics unit. Supporting 4K resolutions, the chipset offers features such as 4K 60fps video, HDR10 + support, variable focus refresh, motion prediction, Dolby Vision and Atmos.

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The highlight of the chipset is the integrated artificial intelligence unit. With real-time content and scene detection, audio settings such as noise reduction can be made, as well as automatic image settings.

The chipset also supports up to 4 far field microphones, allowing voice assistants to work instantly. MediaTek MT9638, which offers support for Wi-Fi 6, HDMI 2.1a and USB 3.0, will soon take its place in the first products.

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