Big news for developers today Flutter Engage during the event Flutter 2.0′Although the announcement of Microsoft also shared their improvements in this event.

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Last year MicrosoftGoogle’s cross-platform Flutter SDKpublished an app authoring guide for the Surface Duo using. The main purpose of the guide is to help developers Android and how to add custom Surface Duo SDK to a Flutter project for to be used was to teach.

Today’s Flutter Engage During the event, Microsoft shared some of the improvements suggested to the Flutter SDK itself to make applications for foldable devices easier than ever. Microsoft, firstly, where Flutter developers fold a device or when it comes to Surface Duo hinge announced that it is creating new basic tools to know where it is.

Significant improvement for foldable display interfaces

Flutter and Android both of these cases two different screens It is stated that this is necessary because it treats it as a single large screen instead. It by means developers have a fold-over portion of the user interface of their apps. in line or Flutter instead of the dead space between the two screens, left or right They will be able to make it do things automatically, like putting a popup dialog in the middle of the screen.

Latter, Microsoftuseful for Flutter developers who want their apps to work well on both foldable and traditional devices.TwoPane”Developed the widget. Of a standard smartphone or a hinged phone only while using halfThe TwoPane is only for the use of Flutter widgets and UI. a single view of will show. TwoPane on a tablet, desktop or foldable Galaxy Fold style devices, you specified will show two separate Flutter views in one edit. Microsoft’sSurface Duo cleanly on every screen for dual screen devices such as divided a panel may appear.

For now, Microsoft’s foldable device publicly available to the Flutter community. feedbacks shared for. The main Flutter after feedback in code base will be merged and for all developers to use in a later version of Flutter make available they will be brought.

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