Smartphone manufacturers with famine problem struggling. The boredom rising prices while causing companies in their products old chips forcing you to use it. The processor shortage had already affected Xiaomi and Realme. Able to produce their own hardware platforms SamsungIt looks like it also injured.

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China and USA market ExynosSouth Korean company is not looking for smart phones. Qualcomm have to include processors. Model number SM-A826S in Geekbench database Galaxy A82 5G Some information about it has emerged. On the smart phone rotating camera system will take place.

Return to Snapdragon 855

Galaxy A80 successor Snapdragon 855 It seems to have a processor, 6 GB of RAM and an Android 11 operating system. Your new model Two years ago launched and currently holds flagship status lost Equipping with a processor chip scarcity it could be a consequence. However, its performance for today more than enough Let’s add that.

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