Institutional companies are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies. Netflix could also join the major companies that have bought Bitcoin for more than $ 10 billion in recent months. In fact, Amazon is claimed to be next.

Will Netflix buy Bitcoin?

Especially in the recent period, we see that institutional companies have turned to Bitcoin investment. MicroStrategy The business intelligence firm has more than $ 4 billion in Bitcoins. Tesla also bought $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in the past months. Again Jack DorseySquare firm also bought $ 170 million worth of Bitcoin.

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Famous billionaire and investor known for his interest in cryptocurrencies Tim Draper in the upcoming period Netflix‘in the Bitcoin believes he will hop on his train. Netflix founder Reed HastingsIndicating that ‘is a person open to innovation, Draper states that the days when we will see Bitcoin investment in the financial statements of the company are not far away.

Draper also thinks Amazon will add Bitcoin to its payment tools in the near future. He states that after the moves of MasterCard and PayPal, Amazon will not stay away from this trend.

For now, we do not know whether Draper really senses something or is telling his wishes, but it is a fact that corporate organizations are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies. In this respect, it would not be surprising to see more big companies in this area.

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