Endless running game developed by King Crash Bandicoot: On the Run’ın The release period has been announced. Normally the game was expected to be released on March 25, but had a delay.

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There is currently no clear date, but In the spring of 2021 expected to come out. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run right now Google Play page and App Store store is open. The size of the game is approximately 730 MB. It will be free at game exit. The gameplay video shared for the game and the game’s promotional article you can find below.

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Introductory Letter

Crash Bandicoot is back, but this time it’s wreaking havoc on mobile! The multiverse Dr. Join fast-paced combat runs on Wumpa Island to rescue Neo Cortex; Smash crates, dodge obstacles and face your favorite characters … Take on your favorite bosses in the crash universe, earn rewards, build a base and craft weapons. With Crash, which can be customized from top to bottom!

Classic Crash Bandicoot style of play

  • Run, slide and jump across Wumpa Island with your favorite Crash Bandicoot characters.
  • Spread the dust by running through classic locations and explore many tracks such as the Tortoise Forest, Lost City, and Temple Ruins!
  • Follow hidden paths and dive into secret environments on the island to participate in in-game challenges and earn rewards.

Take on the best bosses of the crash universe

  • Battle with classic characters like Scorporilla, Nitrus Brio, Nina Cortex and Dingodile and win super prizes.
  • Improve your Bandicoot running skills, explore the Island, and fight epic battles with Dr. Defeat all the servants of Neo Cortex.
  • Don’t compromise on style while beating them. Customize Crash to earn extra XP points!

Master tool and weapon making

  • Team up with Coco Bandicoot, the most loved character of all time, and locate enemies across the entire island.
  • Take on competitive runs and unlock rewards to build, upgrade and customize your base.
  • Craft serums and buildings with the materials you get from the item gathering runs.
  • Earn rewards by unlocking bombs and light guns that you can take with you on your way to competitive runs!

Earn rewards in the game and customize Crash

  • Create and customize your own Crash Bandicoot by unlocking the skins and costumes of famous characters.
  • Customize Crash, go for a run; Unlock challenges, characters and rewards and rise to the top of the Bandicoot gaming experience.

Go for a run with your friends in multiplayer mode

  • Train yourself and join other Bandicoots in asynchronous multiplayer runs
  • Tour the island side by side with your other personalized friends of Crash and create your own stylish Bandicoot team!
  • Earn in-game Crash points to rise to the top of the solo and team leaderboards and get rewards.

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