Google’s parent company Alphabet, to people “superhuman“Working on a device that will provide hearing abilities. Code name of the project that is executed in secret. Wolverine. Obviously the company has an excellent sense of hearing when choosing this name. comic hero Inspired by Wolverine.

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The company is currently voices in the crowd has focused on discrimination technology. When there are many voices in the environment, a particular person in isolation only that person talks to focus explores how to provide.

Prototypes produced

The project was launched in 2018, since then several prototypes It is stated that it is produced. However, since it contains a large number of microphones and sensors, the first versions have enough to cover the entire ear. was big. Your last prototype created quite compact is stated to be.

To the Alphabet team hearing aids Starkey Hearing Technologies and Eargo employees, including expert It is stated that he participated. If the Wolverine project succeeds, it will increase the hearing abilities of the human ear in the future to an extraordinary level. Google branded we can see the devices in the market.

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