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AmazonOpened its first unboxed market outside the USA in England. Located in london Amazon Fresh, ABD’deki Amazon Go used in grocery stores Just Walk Out supported by technology. With the technologies used, the problem of waiting in line at the checkout is eliminated.

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The first unboxed store outside the USA

Stores are comprehensive to track where customers are and what is being taken from shelves camera and with sensors together a artificial intelligence uses. After a customer logs in at the entrance of the store and scans the barcode, they can start shopping and select the products, put them in their bags and leave. The products purchased by the customer are defined on Amazon from credit card being charged. While there are no cashiers or cashiers, there are employees in the stores to assist customers and replenish stocks.

The market opened in London will have a similar operation to the Amazon Go markets operated by the company in the USA, but the markets in the UK will operate under the Fresh brand.

Amazon is currently under the Amazon Go brand in the US 26 grocery stores without boxes and Amazon Go Grocery He owns two large supermarkets named. The company plans to open about 30 Amazon Fresh markets in the UK in the future.

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