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Applefor the launch of the company in early 2022. OLED iPad It is said to work on the variant. In addition, the company, OLED display technology, high-end iPad Pro and MacBook Pro It is also considering its integration into its models.

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According to the new DigiTimes report, Apple’s OLED screen The first tablet model with a 10.9 inch It was reported that there will be a new iPad. A definitive model in the report not specified however, rumors and launch timing is a iPad Air pointing to the model. 10.9 inch LCD between 10.2-inch iPad and 11-inch iPad Pro with display positioned fourth generation Air, late 2020 to the market was driven out.

Apple’s screen plans

According to sources In 2022 Production of the first OLED iPad expected to go on sale In the fourth quarter of 2021 will start. On the other hand, according to other leaked information Apple12.9 inch, both scheduled for release next year iPad Pro and 16 to 17 inches MacBook ProIt also has OLED versions of the calendar. However, the company has yet to produce both devices. a clear landIt is stated that it does not give r.

Among Apple’s plans, For the year 2021 on select iPad Pro models and at least two MacBook Pro variants mini LED and microLED There is also the use of panels. On the other hand, the new generation Apple Watch model is also expected to come with microLED, but 2023 or 2024not before.

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