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Google, Chrome that your browser is going through an accelerated version cycle formal announced as. Previously, the company released a new update every six weeks, but now this cycle is with two weeks of security patches to four weeks downloaded.

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With more frequent updates, developers more in the same time period innovation release and Chrome with other popular browsers on the market to compete seems likely to allow. For example, Mozilla last year Firefox a four-week update for to cycle had passed.

Stable version will come every eight weeks

Google itself, your team is good coordinated Big updates can arrive earlier, thanks to its work of state He explains that it is possible as follows:

We have significantly simplified the testing and publishing process for new versions of Chrome and implemented two-week security patch releases. It is now understood that we can shorten the release cycle of new updates to provide new features to our users much faster..”

Google, especially Corporate companies and businesses preferred, the browser determined If the version every eight weeks announced that it will publish.

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