Apple earlier last month, iOS 14.5released the first beta version of. One of the new features noticed by beta users is default music player It was the ability to adjust. However, the company misunderstood explained.

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Coming to set Spotify as default music app with iOS 14.5

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In beta version of iOS 14.5 Siriwhen you want to play music digital assistant it asks you which service you want to use. Like your song SpotifyYou can ask it to be played in. To set this as default music player of Siri he didn’t ask appeared.

There is no such setting

The virtual assistant actually does this your listening habits He asks for better understanding. In short, if you want the song you want to listen to be played on Spotify, you will need the Spotify app to be set as the default music player. does not provide.

In the new iOS version, users’ e-mail and browser applications “default“any music player they can choose no setting. Apple is here to use Siri smarter He says that he also aims to make the lives of users easier.

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