When electronic commerce reached enormous sizes, the importance of social media in this regard began to increase. Giants such as Facebook and Instagram have made it easier for businesses or small entrepreneurs to make publicity and sales. Twitter could not stay away from this trend, either.

Shopping era on Twitter

Increasing interaction rates during the pandemic period Twitter Gradually, new income models began to be put on the agenda. Twitter, which recently started to try the paid subscription feature Super Follows feature, is now starting the shopping period.

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Twitter has also expressed its intention for sales interactions through posts in the past. This week, the shopping button started to appear on some users. The new feature, which seems to be made with a limited group, will expand the purchasing possibilities of the user.

Just below the relevant ad post in the new feature SHOP key is located. The model and price of the product can be seen in this post. When the button is clicked, it is possible to switch to the platform where the shopping will be made.

The shopping feature will naturally enable businesses to be more active on Twitter. This event will return to Twitter as ad revenue and more interaction. It is not yet known when the shopping feature will be widely used.


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