While watching a video crisps Although eating is a very enjoyable activity, the sound of the movie or TV series you are watching hear you can prevent. To solve this problem Chrome A special extension has been created for the browser. YouTube automatically when user eats chips or other crunchy snack subtitles It hurts.

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People who eat potato chips for the extension developed by Bliss Interactive and Happiness Saigon, a Vietnam-based design studio 178 hours sound recording was created. This data is all later machine learning using techniques one artificial intelligence It was used to train the model.

How is it working?

After installing the extension using microphone you need to give permission. After this stage, when the extension hears you are eating crispy snacks such as chips or snacks, you can add the subtitles of the video you watched. automatically It hurts. Sure chips so quiet if you eat somehow or your laptop’s microphone if weak the extension may not work properly.


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